Event – 2 Pilot Distance Education and Final Conference
There will be 2 main activities in this period. 1. Activity: A pilot distance education program will be organized with the participation of 20 people in order to verify the blended training programs and digital learning contents. It includes the activities of making the necessary preparations for the pilot distance education where blended training programs and training materials will be used, determining the participant lists, implementing the distance education and reporting the results of the application. Pilot distance education TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık Inc. The organization will also be realized with the support of PMC. Participant lists will be prepared by PMC. TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık Inc. Trainer and expert support will be provided by the pilot. The results will be evaluated by the experts of all partners. 2. Activity: A final conference will be held at the end of the project in order to encourage and raise awareness of the target groups about the dissemination, use and sustainability of the project results. Project partners representatives as well as EU universities in Turkey with countries, ministries, social partners, companies, institutions and be participants in the rail training providers and nearly 100 participants expected that the final conference TCDD by Ankara / Turkey will be held for a term of 1 day. During the conference, the consortium will introduce the project's outputs and pilot distance learning results to the participants. The preparation and implementation processes of the conference to be held in the organization of TCDD will be carried out by PMC.

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